Sharon Osbourne Wins Lawsuit Against Tabloid

January 15, 2009 By:
Sharon Osbourne Wins Lawsuit Against Tabloid

You don’t mess with Sharon Osbourne! She just won a lawsuit against The Sun, who ran a story about Sharon “overworking” Ozzy.

They said she was “driving her frail husband Ozzy Osbourne to destruction.” They also said she was trying to keep Ozzy on the road until he “dies on stage.”

After the article came out, she took the paper to Britain’s High Court, with Sharon’s lawyer John Kelly saying the allegations were “extremely distressing, hurtful and damaging.”

The paper was forced to hand over an undisclosed amount in damages and legal costs. The Sun’s lawyer claims that they sincerely apologize and have accepted that they basically made the story up.

Usually we get annoyed when celebrities sue tabloids over lame stories, because do they really need the money? But this time we're on Sharon's side. And as Sharon says, you can mess with her, but not her family!