Sharon Osbourne Attacks Show Contestant

December 15, 2008 By:
Sharon Osbourne Attacks Show Contestant

Sharon Osbourne may be married to the "Prince of Darkness," but she's the only to fear in that family. During a taping of VH1's reality show "Rock of Love: Charm School" Sharon reportedly attacked a contestant after she made comments about her hubby Ozzy Osbourne.

Megan Hauserman claims Sharon Osbourne attacked her during a taping of the show's reunion special Saturday night and she had to be hospitalized because of the fight.

She claims that Sharon ran across the stage of the show, grabbed her by her hair and wouldn't let go until a group of people finally separated them. She went to the hospital on Sunday and filed a report with the LAPD. Getting your hair pulled is hardly reason enough to go to the hospital, but she probably figured she'll get a sweet settlement out of the fight and needed a hospital report to back her up.

So what triggered Sharon to attack Megan? According to TMZ, Megan made a joke that "Sharon is only famous for managing a brain dead rock star." With a comment like that she deserves the beat down she got. This one goes to Sharon.