Is Sharon Osbourne Joining 'American Idol?'

July 24, 2012 By:
Is Sharon Osbourne Joining 'American Idol?'

It looks like Sharon Osbourne might not be returning for another season on “America's Got Talent." Could "American Idol" be knocking on her door?

The Osbourne matriarch and judge on the NBC hit show took to her Twitter on Tuesday to address fellow judge Howard Stern and tweeted "my darling @HowardStern, money is not the reason I'm not returning @nbcagt, it's because..."

Her (…) left us wanting to know more!

Sharon reportedly hasn't informed the network of her intentions to leave the show and her rep hasn't yet responded to our request for comment.

A spokesperson for NBC tells Hollyscoop that they aren't commenting at this time. It appears her departure has come as a surprise to them too.

"America's Got Talent" is in its seventh season and moved from Los Angeles to New York this year when Howard Stern joined the judge's panel.

It’s unclear if Sharon was tweeting at Howard Stern because HE is the reason she’s leaving the show. Howard did not tweet anything to Sharon about her departure, so it’s kind of bizarre she quit via Twitter and directed the tweet at Mr. Stern without a questioning tweet from him first.

I doubt there’s an issue between the two because last time Howard appeared on “The Talk,” Sharon flirted with him like crazy.

Well, Osbourne could have been responding to a tweet written on the The Howard Stern Show’s Twitter page on Monday, “#AGT update: @HowardStern isn’t sure if he’ll do another season and says Sharon Osbourne may not come back unless she gets more money.”

So, apparently there were rumors she wanted more money and she just wanted to set the record straight.

If we find out that Sharon Osbourne has quit the show to join “American Idol,” I’m going to lose it.