Shannen Doherty Takes Second Job As Magazine Art Director

February 26, 2009 By:
Shannen Doherty Takes Second Job As Magazine Art Director

You know times are tough when Hollywood actresses are taking second jobs. Shannen Doherty is back out of work after finishing up a quick stint on 90210, so she’s found work in a different industry altogether.

Shannen’s been named the art director of the California-based magazine called Pasadena.

She’s been put in charge of choosing cover designs and photospreads for the publication, which is issued out monthly. Kind of random, right? But Shannen’s spokesperson makes it sound like she’s been doing this type of thing forever.

She says, "Shannen's always been interested in magazines. She's learning how tough it can be, but it's just a great creative outlet. She's already booking covers and working on photoshoots."

What’s next? Brian Austen Green working the lunch shift at Olive Garden?Well we do have to credit Shannen for not being ashamed to get a real job like everyone else in the world. It’s better than showing up on Cash 4 Gold commercials, or selling your used clothing on eBay. So wish her luck in her new job!