Shannen Doherty Gets Her Own Reality Show

July 21, 2011 By:
Shannen Doherty Gets Her Own Reality Show

Thanks to reality TV, if you're a 90s has-been, you can still have a career.

WE will be producing an eight-part series that follows the life of Beverly Hills 90210 actress, Shannen Doherty. Or, if you were born after 1985, she's the chick from Charmed.

The show is tentatively titled, The Shannen Doherty Project and it will follow the star's relationship with photographer Kurt Iswarienko. The couple's wedding preparations will also be aired in the series.

This sounds like the easiest show to pitch. It's Shannen Doherty meets Newlyweds, The Osbournes, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real Housewives, and pretty much every other reality show on TV.

Production will begin in August, and the show's premiere is set for the first quarter of 2012 on WE tv. RelativityREAL and No Apologies Productions will be producing the show. WE tv's senior VP of productions and development, John Miller, said:

"Shannen’s relationships and life experiences make her a riveting personality to watch. This is an opportunity for audiences to get a rare sneak peek into the real Shannen, who has been notorious about guarding her private life. Her situations are familiar and is what will make this series stand apart from other celeb-reality shows."

Really? We can relate? Well, I hope Shannen is fighting with her bank over an overdraft fee because she can't pay her rent unless they refund it.

"It’s what WE tv does best," Miller continues. "Present stories that showcase the wild ride of modern day life from a woman’s perspective.”