Shannen Doherty Coming Back to 90210

March 12, 2009 By:
Shannen Doherty Coming Back to 90210

Listen up, 90210 fans! Shannen Doherty isn’t done terrorizing her old zip code quite yet! She’ll be coming back for another appearance this season.

According to E!, Doherty will show up just in the nick of time. She says, "You're the first people I've told. It is the finale, so you can probably expect a lot of drama."

Well that’s not surprising. Drama seems to follow Brenda Walsh (and Shannen Doherty for that matter) everywhere she goes. Just to recap, the last we saw of Brenda was when she left after Kelly found out she had hooked up with Kelly’s guy, Ryan.

According to E!, the rumor is that Brenda will head back to town and adopt Adrianna’s baby, since she can’t have children of her own.

We love the drama up ahead! We hope Brenda becomes a somewhat permanent fixture on the show because her character alone can make storylines so interesting! 90210 returns March 31st on the CW at 9PM so get ready!