Shanna Moakler Wants to Return to Miss California

June 18, 2009 By:
Shanna Moakler Wants to Return to Miss California

Shanna Moakler wants to resume her duties for the Miss California organization now that Carrie Prejean has been fired.

Shanna quit after Donald Trump permitted Carrie to continue on as the CA representative. But now that she’s out, Shanna wants back in.

She tells E! News, "If Donald Trump gives his blessing, I'll be back in a heartbeat.”

Trump couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on Moakler's desire to return.

Shanna says she is ready to recommit to the organization now that she believes its credibility has been restored, and she also praises Prejean's replacement, new Miss California Tami Farrell.

Shanna says of her, "She actually shows up for work."

We hope Trump gives her a second shot. Shanna stood up for what she believed in. And isn’t that exactly why Donald allowed Carrie to stay…for sticking to her beliefs?