Shane Sparks Released from Jail

December 21, 2009 By:
Shane Sparks Released from Jail

Shane Sparks was released from jail last night, and he’s claiming he’s the subject of extortion.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, The America’s Best Dane Crew judge was taken into custody on Friday and charged with eight counts of child molestation. But his attorney, Steve Meister, tells TMZ the claims are outrageous since the woman waited 15 years before she came forward.

"It's a bogus accusation that reeks of opportunism and exploitation. The timing is beyond suspicious, and this whole thing stinks to high heaven,” said Meister.

Meister says the charges "are completely without merit" and that Sparks "knows he is innocent and will fight to clear his name." Sparks and his lawyer are referring to the woman’s claims as “extortion, Hollywood style.”

"Shane Sparks is innocent, he knows it and soon the world will know it. We are going to fight this tooth and nail,” Meister told E! News.

Up next is the hearing! Do you think Sparks is innocent?