Shakira Unleashes Her Inner She Wolf

October 12, 2009 By:
Shakira Unleashes Her Inner She Wolf

S is for Shakira, Shakira! The hip shaking sultry songstress unleashed her inner she wolf for i-D magazine and those hips don't lie--these are some steamy photos!

In the article Shakira talks about her inner she wolf and how her conservative parents aren't too thrilled about her dancing around in a cage in nearly nothing.

Shakira said: "I had to say to them, 'I'm a woman now, this is the way I express myself.'

"My dad understood but my mum was scared what people could think. She said, 'Is it too much?'"

But luckily once they saw the end product, they agreed it was a work of art. She added: "They sent me an email and said, 'The video's spectacular. A little provocative but spectacular.'"

Spectacular indeed! If you want a hot bod like Shakira's, check out our special video segment with Shakira's trainer Tracy Anderson below...