Shakira Shares Photos From Romantic Vacation

July 31, 2013 By:
Shakira Shares Photos From Romantic Vacation

How cute are Shakira and Gerard Pique? Like, the cutest, right?

Here are some pictures from Shakira and Gerard’s recent Hawaiian vacation to make your three-day camping trip seem like the worst vacation ever.

Shakira and Gerard both posted pics from vacay on their respective Twitter accounts and honestly we’re jonesing for a plane ticket anywhere right now.

Here’s them eating crab legs. Here’s them kissing while parasailing. Here is them, just being cute.

Oh and here’s Gerard’s photo, it’s them kissing while holding a dolphin.

Where’s the baby? Their son was on the trip too, but apparently didn’t make it into the photo op. Maybe he was the one holding the camera. Put that baby to work!