Shakira Shares Photos of Her Perfect Family

June 17, 2013 By:
Shakira Shares Photos of Her Perfect Family

Shakira is really taking the lead here in Hollywood’s race for Most Photogenic Family…

She shared the latest in their never-ending album of adorable photos with fans in honor of her partner Gerard Pique’s first Father’s Day on Facebook over the weekend.

“Happy Father’s Day!! We love you! Your family,” Shakira captioned the image.

Shakira and Gerard flash a smile, while their son Milan, wearing a onesie with “DJ Sleep-a-lot” printed across it, just pouts his adorable way into every corner of your heart.

Recently, Shakira gave People a glimpse into their day-to-day routine. “Thank God [Milan's] father has been really involved,” she told the magazine. “He’s been amazing. The baby spends as much time with me as he does with his dad. He’s the kind of dad who is full hands-on. He changes diapers; he enjoys bathing him. That’s a real help for me."