Shakira Posts Bare Pregnant Belly Pic

November 28, 2012 By:
Shakira Posts Bare Pregnant Belly Pic


Everything I learned about having children has come exclusively from episodes of “16 and Pregnant,” apparently it’s super hard to go to high-school and maintain a hostess job at Applebees WHILE being pregnant.

So, I was super surprised to hear that Shakira wishes her pregnancy would last an additional 9 months! Say what?!

Shakira posted a photo on instagram of her exposed about-to-pop baby belly.

When you hear about pregnant women having a “glow,” look at Shakira’s face, that’s exactly what they are talking about.

In the photo, Shakira is posing next to her hot boyfriend, soccer stud Gerard Pique, and wrote, “I could have another nine months like this!”

Well, if those last 9 months were spent lounging on top of your looks-like-an-Abercrombie-model-boyfriend, then sure, I can see why you want it to last.

According to Colombian magazine, Gente, Shakira is schedule to give birth sometime at the end of January and that she and Pique have already bought a mansion in Barcelona to settle down with their new bundle of joy.