Shakira On Motherhood: I'm Struggling

April 23, 2013 By:
Shakira On Motherhood: I'm Struggling

Those hips don’t lie and neither does Shakira. (‘Hips don’t lie’ references will NEVER get old, you guys, ok!) The new mom just point-blank admitted that having a baby is way harder than she thought.

This is why we LOVE Shakira, she is so honest while the rest of Hollywood is all like, “Omg I don’t even workout, I just breastfeed and I lost 40 pounds and my baby only drinks juice from macrobiotic Noni fruit that I ship in from Australia. It’s so easy. It’s the best.”

Here’s what The Voice judge says about motherhood, “I didn’t expect babies to need so many diapers! Nobody told me they needed to be changed so often!”

“He’s a great, great baby. He’s an easy one, I think. But nobody told me it would be this hard. It takes a lot of energy from you. But I love it, I’m really enjoying every bit of it,” she admits, “It’s just that it’s not as idyllic as everybody tells you, but also not as horrible as everyone tells you.”

Shakira also admits that her work schedule is making it impossible for her to workout, which she is stressing about, because her baby-making hips need to get back to lying, as they ARE her moneymaker. Those hips. Also, her voice, but you know…the hips.

“I’m still a few pounds over! I have a career, and that’s the only part that’s been a bit stressful because I knew that I’d have to come back here to do The Voice two months after I delivered a baby. I didn’t have my four months maternity like every woman on earth has.”

Ok, let’s end this before Shakira's complaining starts to sound like a Gwyneth Paltrow interview.