Shakira Loves Her Butt

August 13, 2013 By:
Shakira Loves Her Butt

Shakira’s post-baby body is something to behold. Her bounce back was INCREDIBLE. She had a baby and then barely two months later was on “The Voice” looking like she never left the gym. Now she’s covering Self magazine and sharing her fit physique. 

Shakira says doing Zumba throughout her entire pregnancy helped her stay fit, but really she says it’s all about her a*s.

“I’m quite proud of my rear,” she says.

How did she get her rear to such honorable standards?

She holds a squat and then squeezes her glutes 30 times.

But she also eats super well, saying she eats 8 small 200-calorie meals per day that are fiber, protein, calcium, and iron rich.