Shakira Having Baby Today!

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Shakira Having Baby Today!
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Shakira is having a baby today. Why do I know this? Because she’s planning to induce labor today. Same question: Why do I know this? I’m not even sure, it’s super intimate information, but whatever, someone from the Teknon clinic in Barcelona spilled the details to Huffington Post Voices and now we know.  

Shakira’s boyfriend Gerard “Hottie” Pique also posted on his Instagram a photo that reads: “This Tuesday our first son will be born.”

He deleted the tweet shortly after.

So yeah, Shakira’s hips don’t lie. A baby is going to be sliding through them some time today. That sounded gross. You know what I mean.

But why the induced labor? Is she having complications related to child birth? Nope.

Shakira and Gerard wanted to have the baby on their own terms, so the birth of her baby boy wouldn't interfere with both parents’ professional commitments, like Shakira’s work on “The Voice” and Gerard’s football career. They decided it was best to schedule the birth and induce labor. 

Shakira is currently surrounded by an all-female team assisting her during the labor and all signed confidentiality agreements to avoid photos or information leaks. Clearly, someone didn't pay attention to that confidentiality agreement.