Shakira Can Golf and Other Celebrity Hidden Talents

August 9, 2011 By:
Shakira Can Golf and Other Celebrity Hidden Talents

She’s good at moving those hips, so it’s no surprise that Shakira has an awesome golf swing as well. The talented singer says, “I’m really bad at sports, believe it or not. If you threw a ball at me, you would probably break my face because I have no reflexes whatsoever. But in golf, you just need concentration, of which I have plenty, and hip swing is very important.”

Shakira’s golf skill might not be a huge surprise, but it is a hidden celebrity talent we didn’t know about. And there are tons of celebrities with talents we don’t know about. No, we’re not talking about James Franco taking on every hobby and interest known to man. He’s officially Superman and doesn’t count. But here are 5 stars and their hidden celebrity talent:

Susan Sarandon: Ping Pong. Susan Sarandon has referred to herself as “the Johnny Appleseed of ping-pong.” I guess that means she planted ping pongs balls in the ground or something? I’m not real sure, but Sarandon is a pro. She’s so good, she opened a New York club called SPiN.

Mike Tyson: Pigeon Racing. Yep, that’s real. Animal Planet signed Mike Tyson up for Taking on Tyson. And they put it better than I ever could: “Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, who has raised and bred pigeons since he was a child, becomes involved in the world of competitive pigeon racing.” It’s kind of a messed up talent though. PETA released a statement regarding pigeon racing: “These gentle, loyal birds who race their hearts out in order to get home to their life mates often become lost in storms or have their necks wrung for failing to beat their competitors' time.”

David Arquette: Knitting. Courtney Cox’s estranged husband is an avid knitter, although Arquette says he has “big clumsy fingers.” The two are apparently separated because he wanted too much sex. I can totally see David taking his frustrations out by knitting a big Afghan blanket.

Beyonce: Connect Four. Not only does she run the world, she apparently runs the Connect Four board, too. Beyonce is so renowned for her abilities, Kanye West said he just “had 2 play her” on his blog. They set a time and place, and Beyonce kicked his ass. “She beat me 9 times in a row!” West admitted.

Jennifer Garner: Saxophone. Before she was a hot Hollywood starlet, Jennifer Garner was a band nerd. Garner played the saxophone and says she was “proud of it.” Hey, why shouldn’t you be? Plenty of cool people play the sax. There’s uh, Kenny G…and…Bill Clinton? Okay, nevermind.

Check out Shakira's golf skills below...