Shakira and Usher Make Their “The Voice” Debut

March 26, 2013 By:
Shakira and Usher Make Their “The Voice” Debut

Last night, Season 4 of “The Voice” debuted and with it came new judges. First-names-only-please Shakira and Usher joined Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in the giant swivel chairs.

Overall, we’re pretty impressed by Shak and Ush (yes, first names were still too long and we had to abbreviate even more) who proved they have what it takes to hang on a singing competition show.

We’re sure “American Idol” is regretting ever hiring Nicki Minaj when there are Usher’s and Shakira’s in the world.

And if you thought Usher would name-drop his protégé Justin Bieber all season, you would be right. Usher promised one contestant backstage passes to a Justin Bieber show if she joined his team. 

As for Shakira, she turned out to be one of the shrewdest judges. Her mean poker face proved to be an advantage to her. For example, a contestant named Kris Thomas sang the Whitney Houston classic “Saving All My Love For You” and all the judges thought it was a female singing, so no one turned around because it was just a girl singing a good rendition of a Whitney Houston song.

But Shakira turned around, saw that it was in fact a DUDE singing in a lady-like falsetto and instead of squealing in delight of her find, she kept cool and none of the other judges hit their button. Then at the end of the song they realized SHE was a HE and they all regretted not snatching up this gender-bending songster.

And of course there were contestants on last night’s episode of the show but we’re not going to mention the contestants, because we watch competition singing shows for it’s judges, let’s be real.

Oh also, the judges sang the Beatles classic, “Come Together” and it was awesome! Shakira plays the harmonica! Did you know she could play the harmonica! Watch a clip below.