Shailene Woodley Wants You to Eat Clay

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Shailene Woodley Wants You to Eat Clay
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In the press rounds leading up to Divergent, in theaters this Friday, Shailene Woodley has been canonizing herself as the patron saint of all things natural and organic, the modern-day Mother Teresa of homemade medicines and juicing.

Speaking to Into The Gloss, Shailene shared her essential glamour tips and for someone who’s making a living in Hollywood, they’re the most anti-Hollywood beauty advice ever and we kind of love it.

Eat more clay.

So, here’s how the story goes: Shailene was in a cab when she asked the taxi driver where he was from and about his native customs. He was from Africa and said that the women would eat clay when they were pregnant. Apparently it’s great for your body because you won’t absorb the clay, but its negative charges clean out heavy metals from within. Wild.


Sunbathe your vagina.

Shailene read an article by an herbalist praising the effects of vitamin D on one’s vagina. It helps with yeast infections, apparently, and helps boost your energy levels. “Spread your legs and get some sunshine,” Shailene said.



Oil pulling every day like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s all the rage right now: swishing coconut or sesame oil around your mouth when you wake up for 15-20 minutes a day. It’ll make your teeth whiter because plaque is fat-soluble, not water-soluble and will dissolve the lipids.



Only use natural makeup products.

Shailene recommends products from 100% Pure because they make her skin feel better and it wipes off easily (just don’t get the mascara).



For her hair type, less is more.

For someone with thick horsehair like Shailene, the oilier, the better, which is why she doesn’t shampoo that often. Maybe about once a month.

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