SATC Movie Secrets Revealed

June 4, 2008 By:
SATC Movie Secrets Revealed

If you happened to catch "Sex and the City: The Movie" you know the movie revolved heavily around labels and luxury items. Remember that gorgeous 5th Avenue Penthouse? It cost a whooping $25 million dollars!

The 5 star Mexican resort the girls 'vacationed' at was actually shot in Malibu, Ca. The book that Carrie read love poems to Big from was created solely for the movie.

Here are some more interesting tidbits about the movie:

--Louise's Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Firebird bag (a gift from Carrie): $5,400

--Carrie's 18-karat gold H.Stern Love keychain (a gift from Louise): $6,800

--Renting a room for five hours at the New York Public Library with a 375-person capacity: $30,000

--Carrie's "vintage" white silk crepe suit from Christian Dior 2008 Cruise Collection: jacket, $3,785; skirt, $2,215

--Carrie's made-to-order Vivienne Westwood wedding gown: $22,760