Kim Cattrall Shot Fake Scenes for SATC

May 28, 2010 By:
Kim Cattrall Shot Fake Scenes for SATC

That Michael Patrick King is a cleaver one! The executive producer of Sex and the City and Kim Cattrall thought up fake plot lines to shoot in front of the paparazzi in order to keep the real plot of the movie a secret.

A few months back Kim was photographed with a pregnancy test and a snapshot of her script mentioned her getting married. Well, it turns out it was all for show.

Red Carpet Fashion from Sex and the City 2 London Premiere

She says, "We were shooting on the street and the first day it was the four of us back together again and the paparazzi were everywhere. We had to be so careful with plot lines.

"One day I went to the set with my script in my hand, and some paparazzi blew up the script and gave away the storyline, so I said to Michael Patrick King, 'They're gonna ruin it for the fans!'

He said, 'I think we should play a little trick on them.' "I said, 'OK, what are we gonna do? What about pregnancy, they'll freak out if Samantha is pregnant!' He said, 'No, no, no, let's marry her.'

She continued, "So (designer) Patricia Fields went to a bridal shop and bought three wedding dresses. I tried them on and then it was all around the world: 'Samantha's getting married!'"

Nice trick! And it worked! Spoiler alert: Samantha doesn't get married in the movie, but there's a ton of other surprises. SATC 2 is in theaters now and sooooo worth the $12 bucks--so grab your girlfriends and check it out ASAP!