Kim Cattrall Loves Her Mercedes

January 15, 2008 By:
Kim Cattrall Loves Her Mercedes

Kim Cattrall is so smitten with the Mercedes her character Samantha
drives in the new Sex And The City movie the actress is endorsing the
new vehicle.

Cattrall told film execs she thought her character should
drive a new Mercedes-Benz GLK Freeside Concept after car bosses asked
her to become a spokeswoman for the SUV. And she's so taken with her
new ride, she helped unveil the car at a pre-North American
International Auto Show gala on Saturday night.

She says, "Very
passionate people make Mercedes and they're very smart and I've always
considered both of those things right down Samantha's alley. It's a
cutting-edge car

We don't have to wait til Sex And The City: The
Movie comes out, because the pictures of the new ride premiered at the
Detroit auto show.