Kim Cattrall: I'm Doing SATC for the Money

November 2, 2007 By:
Kim Cattrall: I'm Doing SATC for the Money

'Sex and the City' vixen Kim Cattrall admits that the only reason she agreed to do the movie based on their hit TV show was for the money.

She told The Sun: “I’m doing it for the money. I always felt that it was about the money. We should all do it and make a lot of money and if we weren't going to make the money why do it?

“It's expensive to live [in London] and if I keep working for ITV, I'll never be able to afford it. If this is the only Sex And The City film we do, that's fine. If it isn't, I can buy a bigger apartment.”

I'm sure a lot of actors agree to movies when the price is right but bragging about it is unnecessary. I'm starting to believe the horror stories of Cattrall on the SATC set.