'Sex & the City' Pregnancy Mystery

October 4, 2007 By:
'Sex & the City' Pregnancy Mystery

Since we're obsessed with 'Sex & the City' we've been going through pictures of scenes they've been shooting in NYC. One of the first photos of the movie that was released was of a very pregnant Kristin Davis having her water break as she runs into Mr. Big.

Strangely enough that was the one and only picture of 'Charlotte' pregnant that was ever released. So I'm wondering does Charlotte give birth in the very beginning of the movie or was it a hoax? The producers of 'Sex & the City' are infamous for setting up fake sets for the paparazzi just to throw everyone off.

If she did have the baby in the beginning of the movie, we would at least see pictures of her and the baby together on set. We're confused!!! What do you guys think??

On a side note, I was on
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