Evan Handler's Addiction To Cybersex

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Evan Handler\'s Addiction To Cybersex

Evan Handler who played Harry Golenblatt on Sex and the City is admitting to being addicted to cybersex at a low point of his life. He's written a book that's coming out in May called It's Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive. In the book, Handler talks about his depressing battle with leukemia while in his mid 20s, not being able to find a girlfriend, and then turning to X-rated chat rooms to relieve his sexual frustrations. That takes a lot of guts to say!

This is the book description from his myspace page:

In a collection of funny, off-beat, and poignant autobiographical essays, Handler moves beyond the supposedly "incurable" illness he triumphed over in his mid-twenties – only to bumble through his thirties and forties in search of ever-elusive love and happiness. From bold attempts to rekindle his acting career, through his hapless efforts to run faster around New York's Central Park reservoir, from bizarre Internet dates, through his twenty-seven break ups (involving only ten women), Handler careens through his against-all-odds existence. Always searching for meaning in his unlikely survival, Handler shares stories of sadistic junior high school gym teachers, bullying wanna-be Hollywood moguls, returned engagement rings, and Europeans' fascination with American bathroom habits. Picking up ten years after his first book, Time on Fire, Handler again uses what the New York Times calls his "laceratingly funny and revealing" storytelling skills to weave twenty-one new tales into a defiantly unconventional memoir.
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