Seth Rogan Wins Stoner of the Year Award

February 27, 2012 By:
Seth Rogan Wins Stoner of the Year Award

I’m not sure if they give out a trophy with this award, but if they do, it should totally be made out of Cool Ranch Doritos.

Seth Rogen, proud pothead, has won ‘High Times’ magazine’s Stoner of the Year Award for the second time. Congrats, Seth!

“I’ve won it twice,” Seth told People. “I actually lost to James Franco eventually.”

Don’t even sweat it, Seth. That’s some stiff competition.

Seth joked that he had “won the one award” he’s always wanted to get. Who needs an Oscar when you’ve got this accolade?

“I honestly don’t know which of these movies have won (or been nominated for) other awards and sh-t like that. I just know which ones I thought were awesome, and I’ll probably make that clear while I’m hosting.”

Seth hosted Saturday’s Independent Spirit Awards. He’s made no secret of his drug use, but he’s been told in the past not to mention it while promoting his movies.

"When I was promoting 'Green Hornet,' Sony asked me to not tell too many weed stories,” Seth explained. “And I said, 'I don't think I'm capable of doing that.' It's kind of the only thing I can talk about ... I'll admit to smoking weed all the time but I'll never admit to being stoned."

Keep on a-blazin’, Seth.

And who knew Rogen was an Oscar voter? The actor says there was one movie that got “no love from the awards whatsoever:” Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.’

“I love that f-cking movie,” Seth said. “It was great. I’m an Oscar voter. I voted for it.”