14 Reasons Why Seth Rogen Is a Hairy Hunk of Man Meat

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14 Reasons Why Seth Rogen Is a Hairy Hunk of Man Meat
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Seth Rogen is showered with praise for his comedic abilities time and time again, but what everyone should really be focusing on is how he’s actually the man of your most romantic dreams.

1. He’s in touch with his inner child.



2. His stoner grin makes your heart feel high.

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3. He only wears the coolest shades.

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4. He’s the ultimate gentleman.



5. He’s also way too modest.



6. He cares deeply about animals.

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7. He’s super knowledgeable about the art world.



8. He stands up for gay rights.



9. He can dance.

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10. He only wears comfort waist jeans from Lands’ End that he got at the local Sears.

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#NORMCORE is hawt.


11. He’s just really sexy.



12. His Jewfro is devastatingly gorgeous.

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13. He takes everything super seriously.



14. And he’s super motivated and ambitious.



What more could you ask for in a man?