Seth MacFarlane Named Smartest Man In TV

December 5, 2008 By:
Seth MacFarlane Named Smartest Man In TV

The hilarious Seth MacFarlane has topped a new showbiz list, being named the smartest man on television. Entertainment Weekly put the funny man on the top, beating out Tina Fey and Simon Cowell for the top honors.

He’s definitely used his sense of humor to get ahead, as he just signed a $100 million deal with Fox to keep his shows on the air til 2012. If you’re unfamiliar with Seth, he’s best known as the creator and executive producer of Family Guy. And the voice of Stewie!

EW says Family Guy DVDs and merchandise have earned a reported $1 billion. MacFarlane is the highest-paid writer on TV, with a Family Guy spinoff called The Cleveland Show in the works.

Jimmy Kimmel, Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz, music mogul Simon Cowell, writer/director J.J. Abrams, Tyra Banks and Salma Hayek, who produces and guests in TV hit Ugly Betty, also make the top 25 list.

For the full list of the top 25, pick up the next issue of Entertainment Weekly.