Fox Refuses to Air Abortion Episode

July 28, 2009 By:
Fox Refuses to Air Abortion Episode

Family Guy always pushes the envelope when it comes to humor. But Fox draws the line at the topic of abortion. Producers of Family Guy created an episode called Partial Terms of Endearment, which was to be about the controversial topic. But Fox has decided not to air it.

They released a statement saying, "Fox will not air the Partial Terms of Endearment episode of Family Guy, but we fully support the producers' right to make the episode and distribute it in whatever way they want."

Series creator Seth MacFarlane doesn’t have a problem with Fox’s decision not to air the episode. But he had to give the network a hard tim, saying at Comic-Con over the weekend, "20th Century Fox, as always, allowed us to produce the episode and then said, 'You know what? We're scared to f--king death of this.’”

But Seth afterwards made anther statement to the Hollywood Reporter, saying, "We were allowed to take a crack at this controversial story and that's enough for me.”

He also indicated that Partial Terms would likely be included on the season's DVD. Hey, if Fox decided it was too controversial, it probably was! If you’re dying to see it, you can always rent the DVD!