Serena Williams Writing A Memoir

September 16, 2008 By:
Serena Williams Writing A Memoir

We love when these young celebrities find it necessary to write a memoir
about their lives, when it's only just beginning! Serena Williams isn't exactly a spring chicken, but at age 26, she's not old either!

Still, she's planning on releasing a memoir in 2009 about her life story of becoming the number one ranked women's tennis player.

Grand Central Publishing will put out the book. An editor for the company says, "Serena Williams is one of the world's most remarkable athletes. We've watched her rise to No. 1 despite physical and emotional setbacks, and her hard work and determination have inspired legions of fans young and old. Serena will give her memoir a strong motivational slant."

With Serena's 18 Grand Slam titles, we think there's a lot more to come from her!