Why Is Selena Gomez Reading Marriage Self-Help Book?

September 19, 2012 By:
Why Is Selena Gomez Reading Marriage Self-Help Book?

Selena Gomez stepped out of a hair-salon last night in Los Angeles with a new reddish shade of hair, but her most shocking accessory was a little purple book tucked up under her arm.

“The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts” is a self-help book on how to make a marriage last. So why was Selena reading it? I wouldn’t exactly call it light reading.

From the back cover, the book describes it as an “international bestseller [that] has brought back or intensified the love in millions of marriages by revealing the five distinct languages we all use to express love.”

Uhh, why is a 20-year-old reading a bout about “intensifying the love in millions of marriages?”

The first chapter of the book is “What Happens To Love After The Wedding?”

Are Selena and Bieber planning on getting married?

If they are planning a walk down the aisle, and honestly, I wouldn’t be that surprised, Selena has Justin’s mom’s blessing.

Pattie Mallette (Bieber’s mom) told Ellen DeGeneres how she felt about Selena:

“How can you not like her? She’s so sweet and she’s good for him and they’re great together. They’re adorable.”

Only time will tell, but don't be surprised if these two pull a Blake & Ryan and get hitched in secret.