What the Stars Have Planned for Christmas

December 25, 2010 By:
What the Stars Have Planned for Christmas

Celebs--they're just like us! Celebrities work around the clock throughout the year, so when the holidays roll around they just want to kick up their feet and relax with their fam.

Check out what some of your favorite stars are doing for Christmas this year, and feel free to share your plans with us below! Merry Christmas!

Katy Perry

"I'm having some Christmas egg not and stuff like that. I don't know, I'm just going to have fun, I have a pink Christmas tree of course."

Selena Gomez

"I'm disconnecting, I'm definitely putting my phone away, I'm just gonna home to Texas and be with my family."


"I’m going to go chill out with my family, I love hanging out with my mom and my grandmother during that time and my daughter watching little football."

Pauly D

"I'm just looking forward to being with my family. We have a traditional dinner. We are Italian so we have a lot of pasta, a lot of lasagna. We're not dieting."

Queen Latifah

"Just chill with friends and family as usual, on an island."

Robin Thicke

"Ivan has been on the road with mommy shooting a movie for the last few months, I’ve only gotten to see him two weeks on, two weeks off so I’m just dying to spend everyday all day with him. He is my greatest joy."

Rosanna Arquette

"Holiday season I'm going to be with my family of course...[somewhere] hot and tropical."

Rick Fox

"Traveling is usually in the mix, a little celebration on the East Coast is always a norm got to get some snow in. A little White Christmas, usually family somewhere in the world, we'll go together and take a trip somewhere. We take a trip together and experience something new and exciting, grandparents live in the Bahamas so maybe some more warm weather after some snow."

Malin Akerman

"I’m not sure what I’m doing for the holidays yet, still figuring it out."