What’s the Deal with Selena Gomez’s New Movie?

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What’s the Deal with Selena Gomez’s New Movie?
Image By: Mad Chance

So, Selena Gomez is in a new movie called Behaving Badly, and besides barely anyone even knowing it exists, the few people who DID see it only have terrible things to say about it.


If you can believe it, the movie has a 0% rating on RottenTomatoes.com.


This is the best comment.


It's not even recommended for DIE HARD SELENA GOMEZ FANS.


THIS is the movie poster, in case you're wondering what mythical movie could be panned this horribly.

Mad Chance

What’s up with Mary-Louise Parker’s face on the top-right square? Is her face crooked?


But it’s significantly better than this poster, right?

Mad Chance

Is this a video game or a movie?


This is Selena Gomez at the premiere.

Brian To/WENN.com

Even SHE doesn’t want to watch it.


This is the face of someone who regrets signing on to make this movie.

Brian To/WENN.com


In Los Angeles, where you can literally see ANY movie that's been released in theaters...

Behaving Badly is playing in ONE theater, for a total of TWO TIMES a day.


But the weird thing is, there are good actors in this movie.


Heather Graham

Mad Chance


Elisabeth Shue

Mad Chance


Justin Bieber even has a cameo in this bizarre movie!

So yeah, Selena Gomez, what’s the deal with your new movie?