VIDEO: Selena Gomez’s Wild 21st Birthday

July 22, 2013 By:
VIDEO: Selena Gomez’s Wild 21st Birthday

Selena Gomez is finally 21, leaving her ex Justin Bieber in the dust of his teen years and to celebrate the big 2-1, Selena released a brand new song called “Birthday” and got TURNT UP with her gaggle of besties.

Selena released a makeshift music video for the new song featuring actual footage from her birthday over the weekend.

For starters, Selena and her BFFs look like a TON of fun. Why doesn’t our birthday slash our whole lives look like this?

To make the festivities MORE fun, Selena didn’t get a birthday cake…her friends gave her a bunch of $.99 Jack In The Box tacos.

Watch the video below, it’s totally worth the entire 3 minutes and 46 seconds and it will make you resent your own friends for not being more fabulous.

Oh also, Justin Bieber was NOT there. So…