Selfredo: Selena Gomez Romps Around Beach With Bieber's Roommate

July 3, 2012 By:
Selfredo: Selena Gomez Romps Around Beach With Bieber's Roommate

Bieber fans have gone off their rockers!

Ashley Tisdale celebrated her 27th birthday with a party yesterday (Yes, I know, I thought Ashley Tisdale was like 19 too) and Selena Gomez attended without Justin Bieber, but was getting a little too playful with Bieber’s roommate Alfredo Flores.

According to a tweet between Bieber and Alfredo, Justin Bieber had a bad headache and had to stay home.

Meanwhile, this Alfredo guy and Bieber’s girlfriend headed out to the beach for Ashley’s birthday and got real close, and by real close I mean, he hoisted her over his shoulder while the two palled around and roughhoused on the beach.

Well, this had Beliebers and Jelena fans up in arms! The new joint name “Selfredo” (get it? Selena and Alfredo) started trending on Twitter too.

One Bieber Twitter fan wrote, “Hang on, so Justin’s ill and Selena and Alfredo are at a party messing about on a beach. I love Selly but wtf, he missed Kim’s wedding for you.”

Another fan wrote, “I don’t understand how Selena and Alfredo could do this to Justin, I feel so bad for him.”

These Bieber fanatics are acting like she cheated on him and ripped out his still-beating heart! C’mon, the girl went to a beach party, and yeah, maybe she should have brought Bieber some Vitamin Water and an Advil, but someone needs to celebrate Ashley Tisdale's birthday!

Anyway, mull that over with my favorite fan tweet, “Selfredo will never last. Selena loves juju’s money too much.”

I had no idea that Bieber was going by the name “JuJu.” I also had no idea that Selena was a gold digger.