Selena Gomez Tweets: I'm Feeling Much Better

June 13, 2011 By:
Selena Gomez Tweets: I'm Feeling Much Better

Because Twitter is apparently the official newswire for celebrities nowadays, Selena Gomez fans can finally breathe easy knowing that their girl is finally feeling better.

Gomez tweeted earlier today, “Feeling much better, thank you all for being so understanding. Can't wait to see you all today at Santa Monica Place for the Monte Carlo kick off.”

Selena was hospitalized on Friday after her appearance on The Tonight Show as she claimed to be suffering from severe headaches and nausea. She reportedly underwent some blood tests and was being treated for food poising and exhaustion, but appears to be much better now.

Her totally considerate boyfriend, Justin Bieber, tweeted the hashtag, “#getwellselena.” Eh. Flowers would have been nicer.

Selena will continue her press tour for her new movie, Monte Carlo, a film where Selena plays a socialite mistaken for a British Heiress while on vacation. Didn’t Hilary Duff do that movie like 8 years ago? The Lizzie McGuire Movie, right?

Now that you’re feeling better Selena, go get out there in front of the paparazzi, your underage boyfriends tiny body isn’t going to grope itself.