Selena Gomez Signs On For Rock 'n' Roll Indie Film

August 1, 2012 By:
Selena Gomez Signs On For Rock 'n' Roll Indie Film

From teen pop sensation, to full-blown rock star, Selena Gomez finds her hard edge for a new role.

The film, “Parental Guidance Suggested” is a project so fresh that it hasn’t even made it to IMDB yet. But here’s what we can tell you so far, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

It's an off-beat coming of age film based on Ric Browde's 2000 novel “While I'm Dead ... Feed the Dog."

It stars Nat Wolff as 16-year-old Ric Thibault, who embarks on a rock 'n' roll themed odyssey with his crush, Nina Pennington, played by Gomez.

Austin Stowell of “The Secret Life of American Teenager” will co-star as Nina’s overbearing boyfriend. Then Dylan McDermott and Cary Elwes are also slated to surface at point during the plot.

The film is scheduled to shoot in Los Angeles.

But first, Gomez, who was last seen 2011’s “Monte Carlo” has four other projects hitting the screen.

She keeps her younger demographic in mind, lending her voice to the animated “Hotel Transylvania.”

Then things get a bit dark with the much-anticipated “Spring Breakers” (this is no MTV beach party).

“Aftershock” seems to stay down tempo about the struggle for survival post-earthquake.

And she’s got the currently in production, “Getaway,” a kidnap themed action flick with Ethan Hawke.

A lot of exciting things in queue for the singing/ songwriting/ acting girlfriend of Justin Bieber.

But, seriously, we have to ask, with all this going down, how does this girl find the time to follow him around the globe while he does a PR storm of all things Biebs?

Seems like the tables might have to turn here in a few, with him trailing a couple steps behind her.