Selena Gomez Searching For Prince Charming?

September 16, 2008 By:
Selena Gomez Searching For Prince Charming?

Selena Gomez is searching for her Prince Charming--on and off the screen. The teen sensation has her latest project “Another Cinderella Story” dancing onto Blu-ray and DVD today.

We know what you are thinking, another Cinderella story, but this modern day twist has Cinderella trading her glass slippers for some dancing shoes.

'Another Cinderella Story' star Drew Seeley gave us the scoop on how this fairy tale differs from all other flicks. “This story does not get old, you can keep telling it in different ways. Our version is new and fresh enough. It’s not going to feel like a rehatch of anything.”

Selena Gomez also put in her two cents. "This story definitely relatable not only for dancers…but people who have a dream that maybe a little far fetched like becoming an actress and becoming or a professional singer. So I think it just gives everyone a chance and an opportunity to think, 'ok there is hope.'”

In regards to finding the real life Prince Charming, Gomez said, “I don’t know, I am hoping it will be a surprise, I am very happy I am not looking but if it happens, great!” So does this mean Nick Jonas hasn’t swept her off her feet yet?

To check out our special coverage from the premiere check on the video below...