Selena Gomez Leaves Grammy Party With Justin Bieber's Roommate

February 11, 2013 By:
Selena Gomez Leaves Grammy Party With Justin Bieber's Roommate
Image By: Pacific Coast News

We literally cannot keep up with the on-again off-again saga that IS the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez union. Their drama filled “relationship” just threw another curve ball thanks to Selena parading around arm in arm with Justin’s BFF and ROOMMATE Alfredo Flores.

This could mean one of two things…Selena and Justin are back together, which is why she’s hanging out with his roommate OR Selena is sending Justin an “F You” by stealing HIS friends after the break-up.

Selena partied at the Warner Grammy after-party at the infamous Chateau Marmont and was caught stumbling out of the hotel holding onto Alfredo’s arm.

Justin wasn’t nominated for a Grammy and stubbornly refused to take part in the festivities…was Selena sending Justin a message by hanging out at a Grammys after-party with Justin’s roommate? If they were together, she should be supporting him by boycotting the Grammys, no?

Also, Alfredo is totally ignoring the bros before hoes rule. You can’t hang with your buddy’s ex! It’s GUY CODE!

On the other hand, Justin and Selena might be back together, which is why Selena is hanging out with JB’s pals. 

Ugggh, will we ever know! Justin! Selena! Give us a sign! And if that sign happens to come in the form of a cryptic Tweet or Instagram photo, that would be super great.