Selena Gomez Kidnaps Fans for Joyride

February 8, 2013 By:
Selena Gomez Kidnaps Fans for Joyride

Here's a story three girls will be telling all the way through prom this year.

When arriving into Los Angeles International Airport today, Selena Gomez let a group of random fans into her getaway van for some fan photographs and a quick ride through the terminal. It was the best two-minute sleepover these girls will ever have.

The trio of Seleners (Gomezinators? SeGos? whatever migraine-inducing name Selena's fanbase have given themselves) are originally from Brazil and waited at the pop singer's arrival terminal. As Selena made her way down the escalator, she initially brushed right past them to avoid the shutterbug lenses of the paparazzi, jumping into her black SUV curbside.

That's when Selena cracked down her passenger window and extended this Disney lottery prize to the fans: she invited them into her car for some one-on-one time and safe haven refuge. Her bodyguard approached to pull them out of the vehicle, but Selena waved them off. Then she drove off with them for a little joyride.

A celebrity spontaneously opening up their inner circle to their fans, but not to them? It threw the paparazzi for a loop—a rift in the fabric of how celebrities interact with the public. Like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs or Lady Gaga in an outfit not from Party City, the paparazzi were not prepared for such a sight. Stunned and bewildered, they were left asking who those mysterious Brazilian girls were? What are they doing in her van? Collaborating on a new Selena dance record? Helping her burn Polaroids of Justin Bieber before Valentine's Day? Was this all part of a guerilla "Spring Breakers" marketing campaign? So many question, so little answers!

One of the fans did post this message to her Facebook regarding to the unplanned meet-and-greet. Ladi Anne, one of the girls, writes:

“Selena Gomez is the most amazing girl ever! There were about 30 paparazzi around her so she couldn’t stop to talk to any fan, when she got in the car, she took me and two friends to a car ride with her. I couldn’t believe I was in the car with Selena, she’s sooooo nice and sweet! Omg, amazing experience! That’s why she’s getting bigger and bigger, even with all the fame, she still has her head right in place, with humble and passion. You go Selena! ♥”

Yeah, it's pretty dangerous for a celebrity to do, but it does prove Selena has a little rebellious side to her. It  besides Selena being pretty awesome by doing this.