Selena Gomez: I Did Things in 'Spring Breakers' I Never Thought I Would

September 5, 2012 By:
Selena Gomez: I Did Things in 'Spring Breakers' I Never Thought I Would

The girls of the Disney channel are getting their Thelma & Louise on.

With the theatrical release of Spring Breakers now on the horizon, Hollyscoop caught up with the cast during a press conference at the 69th annual Venice Film Festival to get the scoop on the hyped-up girl power adventure.

Following the story of a group of female friends who rob a restaurant in order to fund their vacation, the film takes a sharp turn away from the previous roles of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in projects like High School Musical and “Hannah Montana.”

Breakers director and writer Harmony Korine has made a name for himself in the independent film market for his controversial and gritty resume with films like 1997’s Gummo and 1995’s Kids.

Gomez put her full faith in the director for her performance that she feels will re-define her public image.

“If there was anyone I would trust to get that performance out of me, it would be Harmony [Korine],” said Selena. “I did things I didn’t even know I could do in the movie. I think it was because I trusted Harmony [Korine] and I trusted the girls.”

Hudgens backed Selena’s enthusiasm about working with Korine, calling the director a “great collaborator” that allowed the group to roam free.

“[He] gave us freedom to play and the three of us together we were we just had the time of our lives and just threw ourselves into these situations and put on our crazy faces,”said Hudgens.


For Harmony’s wife and the film’s co-star Rachel Korine, working with the female ensemble cast was like a “little bubble” of encouragement on set. Actress Ashley Benson backed Rachel’s thoughts, saying that the supportive environment helped bring out the rawness of the characters.

“The characters are all so extreme at some points,” said Rachel. “To hold a gun almost everyday and beat people up and rob people was the best time of our lives, released so much stress and anxiety.”

Spring Breakers is expected in theaters in 2013.