Selena Gomez Celebrates Birthday With Charades, Soup & Justin Bieber

July 23, 2012 By:
Selena Gomez Celebrates Birthday With Charades, Soup & Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez celebrated her 20th birthday Sunday night in L.A. while attending the Teen Choice Awards but this newly minted 20-something ditched the official afterparty to celebrate her bday in style.

Justin Bieber chauffeured a group of Selena’s best friends in his tricked out $150,000 West Coast Customs Mini Bus to L.A.’s most romantic restaurant Il Cielo in Beverly Hills for an intimate birthday dinner.

Because Bieber is some kind of freak of nature 18-year-old romantic, he gifted Selena with lilac roses and what looked like a promise ring? Selena was rocking some new bling and according to their website, Il Cielo IS rated one of the “top seven places to get married in Los Angeles,” but let’s not get carried away. It was just ring bling at the very least or a promise ring at best.

We've reached out to Selena's rep for the scoop on the ring and we're waiting for a response.

Pictures from Il Cielo’s website are super fancy. One private dining room features a floor covered entirely in red rose petals. But since Selena’s friends tagged along, we’re guessing they didn’t take advantage of that room.

Selena didn’t just celebrate her birthday on Sunday, the celebration lasted the whole weekend.

One of Selena’s closest buddies Francia Raisa from “Secret Life Of The American Teenager,” told Hollyscoop exclusively at the Teen Choice Awards that the Bieber/Gomez crew celebrated her birthday on Saturday night “playing charades and Selena made her favorite soup.”

Charades and soup? I guess when you aren’t 21, it really limits your options? Good to hear that Selena is still grounded in Hollywood.
Earlier today, Selena wrote about her birthday weekend on Facebook.

“Beyond blessed. So much love,” she wrote, “Thank you for the most incredible birthday yet! I’m truly, truly grateful. I love my family, friends and all of you.”