See Selena Gomez's Sultry New Photo Shoot

July 10, 2013 By:
See Selena Gomez's Sultry New Photo Shoot

Show him what he’s missing girl!

Selena Gomez is apparently designing a “rocker inspired” (because she’s one of those, A ROCKER) line of apparel with Adidas.

But what we’re concerned with is how super-duper bedhead and sultry Selena Gomez looks in this photo shoot.

Although Selena is trying really hard to look like some kind of sex kitten, she insists that the fashion range is “perfect for a lunch date with friends.”

What kind of friends, Selena? Sex friends?

The line is called Neo and Selena says, “It’s also a little bit darker and I think it encourages girls to put their own stamp on their individuality and show confidence in what they are wearing.”