How Emma Stone Ended Up In Bed With Bradley Cooper

January 30, 2013 By:
How Emma Stone Ended Up In Bed With Bradley Cooper
Image By: Vanity Fair

Emma Stone is laying in a bed with Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper because that’s how Hollywood works. Every famous person knows each other and they all take naps together at fancy hotel parties and it’s super normal and that feeling your experiencing is jealousy.

Anyways, Emma, Bradley and Ben all covered the special Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair, because they are the most famous (and hottest) of the handful of celebrities who agreed to do the photo shoot for the mag, probably. But more likely, these three were chosen for the reason given by the magazine as, “their impressive, individual accomplishments over the past year.”

Vanity Fair was impressed with Ben’s Argo and the movie's Oscar nomination, Cooper demonstrated he’s more than just a pretty face with Silver Linings Playbook and Emma Stone, well, she’s just great and was in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Which brings us to the point of this story, how is it that Emma Stone is constantly paired up with the hottest men in Hollywood?

She’s in bed with Ben and Bradley, she’s appeared in two different movies where she gets to make-out with Ryan Gosling and her boyfriend is the adorable Andrew Garfield.

What is it about Emma that just attracts a bevy of hot men? How does one play Ryan Gosling’s lover in TWO movies? How do you star opposite a British stud AND make him your live-in boyfriend? And then she ends up on the cover with two of Hollywood’s most wanted actors?

Uggh, Emma Stone. She is EVERYTHING!