First Look: Selena Gomez in 'Spring Breakers'

August 29, 2012 By:
First Look: Selena Gomez in 'Spring Breakers'

The moment has arrived! That movie with Selena Gomez and the chick from “Pretty Little Liars” wearing bikinis has finally arrived!

Well, sort of.

In this 30-second clip from upcoming film Spring Breakers, we see Selena Gomez in what might be her first REAL acting role. Essentially, she’s not playing a princess or wizard or heiress anymore, and she’s pretty damn good at it.

From all the paparazzi stills that showed up online during filming of Spring Breakers, I honestly though Spring Breakers was just going to be a really long episode of “The Real World,” but boy was I wrong.

Spring Breakers looks like a movie about a bunch of pretty TV actresses stripped of their make-up and acting all gritty and ish. It looks good is what I’m trying to say.

In the clip, Selena and the girls look like they are sitting in a jail cell or something while Selena drones on about the mundanity of life.

“I’m so tired of seeing the same thing every single day. Everybody’s miserable here…” says the young star.

The clip also features silent but riveting performances from Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and newcomer Rachel Korine.

The flick follows the girls as a group of college students who rob a fast food restaurant in order to get money to go on a Spring Break trip. They are hauled off to jail and bailed out by a drug dealer (played by James Franco) who wants them to kill his rival.

The flick is set to premiere early next month at the Venice Film Festival on September 5.