Celebs Remember Their Worst Dates

January 29, 2012 By:
Celebs Remember Their Worst Dates

Celebrities are human, and like us regular folk, they have bad dates too. I know, I assumed all celebrities meet each other at sushi restaurants and go on dates to the moon, or whatever. But according to these stars, they’ve had some pretty bad dates.

Tina Fey: Tina Fey remembers a time when her date almost died. “One time a guy invited me to go mountain climbing on a date, and he fell off the mountain. He was showing off, and he just fell.” Yeah, I’d say any date that ends in the emergency room, or on the side of a cliff, would be a very bad date.

Daniel Radcliffe: After claiming that he “hates” dating, Daniel Radcliffe says he gets to second base on a first date, except it was on accident. Somehow he thinks this is a bad date? Talking about his first date with his current girlfriend, “I didn't know what was appropriate, like on which date you're supposed to try and kiss her. I went to kiss Rosie and at the last minute lost my nerve and ended up kissing her neck, which is a very intimate place to kiss somebody on the second date.” Pretty sure nobody would complain about getting an almost-hickey from Harry Potter.

Shia LaBeouf and Hilary Duff: These two once went on a date, probably back when they were Disney starlets, and even though Shia wont reveal the details of the date, he did say, “It was probably the worst date either of us have ever had.” It can’t be as bad as falling off a mountain. Can it?

Selena Gomez: Selena Gomez reveals her worst date was with a very shy guy who wouldn’t talk at all. “I was sitting there trying to ask questions and fill in the awkward space,” she reveals. Okay, first of all, Selena is like 5-years-old, so her idea of a good date is an ice cream cone and a trip to the petting zoo, probably.

Jennifer Aniston: Before Jen found true love and a baby in her stomach (allegedly), she went on a really bad blind date. The guy apparently ordered his meal before Jen showed up, he grilled her on questions about Brad and Angie and then when the bill came he wanted to know if they should split it. A source told InTouch that Jen eventually "paid the entire bill and left!"

Jennifer Love Hewitt: When she was 25 she went out with an older man who brought her a gift to the date. He brought her a 'N Sync T-shirt and she recalls, "Am I, like, 12?" Then, to prep her for the end of the night kiss, he gave her a box of Altoids… at the start of the date, mind you. Practical, yet weird. Did he also give her some pajamas in case she might sleep over and a toothbrush? According to Love Hewitt, she found the whole date “grody.”

Katherine Heigl: Heigl said several years ago she was working with a trainer to lose some weight when her trainer asked her out on a date. He ended up taking her to Sizzler, and then gave her his headshot and asked if she could hand off his headshot to her agent. Hey girl, don’t complain, Sizzler has awesome garlic toast.