Celebs at the Ballet Looked Exquisite

May 13, 2014 By:
Celebs at the Ballet Looked Exquisite
Image By: wenn.com

So, the American Ballet Theater held its annual Opening Night Spring Gala and of course it was full of FAMOUS PEOPLE.

And since it's THE BALLET, the event called for an elevated form of famousness that we can only describe as EXQUISITENESS!


Karlie Kloss was there, looking like a wax figure.


Selena Gomez showed up looking fresh-faced, glorious and rocking a thigh slit that was like HELLO.


Kelly Rowland’s skin was LUMINOUS.


Coco Rocha might have even been one of the ballerinas.

Who even knows with THAT kind of bone structure.




Emmy Rossum giving us that over-the-shoulder realness.

Ballet 4 Ever.