Celebrity Mother's Day Plans Revealed

May 13, 2012 By:
Celebrity Mother's Day Plans Revealed

Whether you are a mother or have a mother, chances are you’re celebrating Mother’s day. Whether it’s brunch, a bouquet or flowers, or personalized coupons that promise to do the dishes for the next year, everyone celebrates mom’s day differently.

What do the celebs have planned for their mom’s big day? Hollyscoop finds out.

Selena Gomez is about to launch her first fragrance and says she’ll gift her mom with her own bottle for Mother’s Day.

“Yeah, my mom loves it. She wears it every day. She loves it, so yeah, that would be perfect,” Selena tells HS.
David Beckham is such a mama’s boy. He’s pampering his own mom on Mother’s day and leaving the boys to plan the special day for Victoria.

“My Mother’s Day plans? My mother is over, so I’ll spend it with her. Obviously the boys will be spending it with Victoria.”
Actually, Mother’s Day in the Beckham brood is just one big joint holiday.

“Our house is full of plans for [Victoria] when things come up! Mother’s Day is a big one in our house!”

Kris Jenner is the matriarch of the Kardashian Klan, they must have something BIG planned. Renting out a Hotel? Shutting down a block of restaurants? Planning an elaborate Mother’s day reality TV two-hour special?

“Actually it’s gonna be at home with the kids, all my kids,” says Kris, “My mom, my kids, my grand baby and just relaxing.”

Mario Lopez has to treat his soon-to-be wife Courtney Mazza to Mother’s Day as well as his own mother, he wonders how to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

“That’s a good question right there,” Mario tells us, “I got to take care of this mama and then our mamas. I don’t know maybe you guys can have a spa mamas day or something?”

Courtney then jokes, “Oh I like that, I was just going to say go to brunch and play in the park with [daughter] Gia, but I’ll take that.”

Giuliana Rancic will be a mother in no time, until then, she’s going to make sure her own mother has the best mama’s day.

“This weekend I’m going to London for work and so I’m flying my mom and dad in so we’re going to have a big Mother’s day celebration with my mom because it’s also her birthday. Mother’s day is my mom’s birthday and she is the best mom in the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom. I love mama Depandi, I’m going to really roll out the red carpet for her.”