See Josh Brolin in Bizarre Bar Fight

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See Josh Brolin in Bizarre Bar Fight
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Josh Brolin drinks like a college kid.

TMZ posted a strange new video of Josh Brolin and some dude beating each other up outside a bar in Santa Monica on Saturday night.

The two dudes drunkenly go at it while the bouncer lamely tries to break them up. Eventually, after several minutes of headlocks and b*tch slapping, the other dude tells the bouncer,  “We were just hugging.”

Errr, what?

Then, Josh and the dude hug like nothing happened.

Cut to: the dude has his arm around Josh and they’re hailing a taxi.

Josh, by the way, is HAMMERED.

Eventually Josh starts slapping his now-friend and then disappears into the night. 

Clearly Josh has a thing for drunkenness and fighting and public spaces. He was busted on New Years Day for public intoxication and was also arrested in Louisiana in 2008 outside a bar for fighting.

Watch the video below.