Secret Talent Of The Stars Recap

April 9, 2008 By:
Secret Talent Of The Stars Recap

Alert**Alert** there has been a robbery! Last night was the premiere of Secret Talents of the Stars. It was a hit---and run. The premise of the new show is sixteen celebrities showcase hidden talents and compete for votes to determine who possesses the best secret ability. The strange thing is the results are given in the same night, so viewers have scarce opportunity to vote for their fave star.

Among the performances were in the opener, Clint Black performed comedy, Sasha Cohen became a contortionist, Mya tap-danced and George Takei sang a country song. Among the panel of judges is Debbie Reynolds.

First up was Sasha and her contortionist crew. She was a bit nervous at time but overall was very good at bending it out. Ouch!

Clint had excellent timing partly due to his musical background. His jokes were a bit lame at time but those can improve with time and practice.

George was lovable although his country song performance did not hit a high note with all the judges. This is not a "She Bang" incident but some thought he was not far off. Why can't Asian singers get any love from the audience?!

And the best was certainly saved for last with Mya. She totally stepped out of her usual character of hip hop songstress and straight into a tap dancing queen. Her performance was raved by the judges. She pulled off an absolute flawless with great dancing and a cool confidence. her musical background no doubt lent a hand. She was a for sure pick to go on in the show but very shockingly was not picked. Even the judges were speechless- not to mention Mya with an awkward departure from the stage.

The two finalists picked to continue were Sasha and Clint. Lets see if they work out the kinks of this new show. We feel robbed for Mya!! If you feel the same post your rantings below!!