What Happened On Secret Diary Of A Call Girl?

July 15, 2008 By:
What Happened On Secret Diary Of A Call Girl?

When one of her regulars wants to experiment in a 3 way, Belle is at first hesitant, but of course goes with it because it pays well.

A new girl is brought into the fold, Naomi: a feisty little firecracker that in some ways intimidates Belle.

After the epic rendezvous, Naomi and Belle start to hang out, only to find out, after a while, that her "regular" decided to switch allegiances and go with Naomi.

All of this drama is shadowed by the fact that Belle's best friend Ben, who is soon getting married, knows what she does now.

Belle needs that person to vent to, to be honest with. Ben doesn't understand it, but accepts it… at least for now.

Also, was it just me or did we get a hint that Ben and Vanessa aren't doing that well?